Five ways to spice up your summer BBQ, Indian-style

Five ways to spice up your summer BBQ, Indian-style

BBQ in a suburban backyard

Photo courtesy of Big Apple Curry fan Dave who lives in Ontario, Canada and barbecues all year round. Rain or shine or snow, Dave uses his backyard BBQ to grill his favorite meats!

Summer has officially arrived, which means barbecue season is here! Growing up in Canada, every summer I used to look forward to my father firing up the old charcoal barbecue and I watched intently as he carefully assembled pieces of coal and wax fire starters in the round kettle grill. Summer barbecues in our family always included Indian fare along with North American staples — we enjoyed everything from corn-on-the-cob to vegetable skewers to tandoori chicken. If you like Indian food and want to enjoy it on the grill, here are five ways you can spice up your summer BBQ circuit. And, we’ve thrown in a great curried black-eye peas summer salad here for your roster, too. The next time you’re in the grocery store stocking up for your next cookout, keep these ideas in mind!

1. Give traditional grilled chicken an Indian kick

If you’re putting some chicken on the grill this summer, try making it Indian-style. By marinating boneless chicken in yogurt with some basic Indian spices, you will end up with moist, falling-apart-pieces of blackened, fragrant chicken. Easy and tasty, this recipe is a definite crowd-pleaser! And, if you’re going camping, you can marinate the chicken in zip lock bags and keep them in the cooler.


Indian-style Grilled Chicken

2. Add some curry powder to burger meat…along with green apple

If you’re preparing ground meat for burgers, consider using ground turkey and combining it with curry powder and grated green apple. Most turkey burgers are often dry; the moistness of this burger comes from adding the apple. In this recipe it’s accompanied by an unforgettable topping of caramelized onion, mango chutney, crushed red chilli, and rosemary — the flavor combination is so unique you’ll crave it!


Curried Turkey and Green Apple Burgers

3. Give chicken wings a spicy coconut-curry glaze

Try marinating big, juicy chicken wings in curry powder, and then basting them with a coconut-curry glaze. The end result is crispy and juicy wings, bursting with the taste of tender coconut and smoky curry. These are finger-licking-good and a definite crowd pleaser. And, as an added plus, this recipe works if you keep kosher — just pick up a bag of glatt chicken wings.


Coconut-Curry Chicken Wings

4. Give traditional home fries an Indian twist

What’s a cookout without some kind of potato? Indian-style pan-roasted potatoes can be served with grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, so consider giving your potatoes an Indian twist. Using any kind of potato you like, these spuds can be served up with ketchup or gobbled up just as is. Simple yet impressive, this dish is a winner every time!


Indian-style Roasted Potatoes

5. Add some warm curried black-eyed peas to a crisp, cold summer salad

Keep things interesting by adding some warm curried black-eyed peas to the usual medley of mixed salad greens, tomatoes, cucumber and bell peppers, along with some feta cheese and hummus. This India-meets-Greece combination is a lovely medley of summer flavors. Healthy, satisfying and filling, this salad is a memorable addition to any backyard table — your guests won’t forget this salad!


Salad with Curried Black Eyed Peas